Robert Lowden

2D & 3D Digital Painter / Effects Artist, 3D Modeler

For Animation, Film, Television ,The Web and Games

illustration Disney Dreamworks Sony Prince of Egypt eight crazy nights eldorado photoshop corel painter compositing after effects illustrator 3D max 3D photo composite rotoscope drawing painting eztv texture map deep paint photography los angeles painter paint hero the hodge tigger movie jungle book 2 tuscan sun matte painting enviroment cartoon color keys MTV advertising design Do androids s dream of electric sheep fear of a black hat strapping young lad lyricist lounge final fantasy girl 6 The Last Samurai ifilm Digital artist 3D Animation and Modeling 2D Animation/After Effects / Flash stuff / Morphing 3D Texture Painting Cartoon Digital Background Painting Advertising Work/Print Photo Retouch Photography Game Levels THERE ,TORQUE and VICIOUS and SHARK gaming engines.
paint and composite backgrounds in Photoshop, Painter and After Effects model. texture, animate and light in 3D Max or Maya Cinema 4D Bodypaint and DeepPaint while Zbrush is a modeler that I tend to use. After Effects flash animator multimedia spielberg katszenberg